Trevor's Trip to Chicago

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(New Holland recently conducted a study tour(September 2014) for the main leading dealerships in Australia, Codemo Machinery was rated as one of the leader in NSW for the guidance system, this was largely due to the sales service & support of Andrew Gulloni who is the dedicated guidance person at Codemo Machinery.

As Andrew was to be a Dad again he was not able to attend the study tour and Trevor Allen the Finance Manager was nominated to take his place. The study Tour started  in Chicago and representatives of the New Holland dealerships travelled the Iowa area of America visiting Dealerships, the factory when the tractors are produced and the enormous modern world wide parts distribution centre .

The benefits to the Australian Dealers was to see and talk 1st hand with the New Holland people, American dealers and Farmer to understand how the do things over there and what problems they face.

We found that we appear to be all in the same boat in many areas including the rapidly growing Guidance area which is destined to grow more significantly than people can imagine . New Holland has a whole dedicated team who design , test and implement new guidance systems on a major basis. Same old story when they come out with new products there is always glitches that need to be resolved but they have a highly skilled team that can act quickly to sort out any problems this is in support of their assist team for clients, Australia has its own team here as we often face different types of issues .

The future of Guidance is now here to stay, it will be like buying a new car it will be guidance equipped ready to go to work it will no longer be an after purchase part of the tractor to be fitted prior to delivery.

The tour was over eight very packed days and a credit to the organisers of the study tour, should any client wish to tour the tractor factor we would be happy to help make arrangements as it well worth the time to see what is produced and how.

Personally I would like to thank Codemo Machinery for sending me on the study tour and this has confirmed to me where the future will be with guidance and what direction we need to pursue to ensure we are guidance leaders in this area with the product and support to look after our clients with the best that is out there.)

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